Minutes of church meeting held on 4th March 2018.


Apologies - Maureen and Tony Marriott.

Minutes of last meeting approved and signed. Jill reported that the service of Christian Unity went very well with 40-50 people in attendance. 

Colin wished to thank everyone who decorated the church for the Christmas services.

Property and Accounts

Jenny reported that the accounts for 2017 have been shown to the Elders and examined by John Morton. A copy of the accounts was available for inspection by Members. Overall we spent £2000 more than our income but that was because of the new kitchen and renovations to the downstairs WC. 

Thames North Synod have a scheme whereby they pay for church gutters to be cleaned. Jenny arranged for this to be carried out on 27th February. A report will be e mailed to her.

Quinquennial survey is due this year. Jenny to arrange this.


Formation of a Vacancy Committee

Jill explained that we need representatives for the vacancy committee when David Bradburn retires. The Elders suggested that the 3 representatives on the Think Tank would be ideal to go on the vacancy committee as they already work well together. (Val, Pam and Joy). Church meeting agreed this unanimously by a show of hands.


Upcoming events

18th March 4 p.m.

Area Service for Hertford, Broxbourne and Cheshunt churches. Cheshunt to host.

David and Jill to lead the service. Tea afterwards.

30th April 7.30 p.m.

Concert with U3A choir, 2 x 45 minutes with an interval. Tickets £2.50 to cover the £60 fee. Tea, coffee and cakes to be offered in the interval.

7th June

Day Retreat at Watton-At-Stone church. Theme is Church Architecture.


Joy commented that the younger people who now come to the church may want study/events available after work or at weekends. Jill said she had offered to run an evening Lent group but had no response. She is available to organise evening groups.

Toyin asked about the possibility of a Sunday school for the children. There was a discussion about the difficulties and possibilities. Joy said that she and elders would think about it.

Date of next meeting TBA.