At Easter we held two main services - a meditative service on Good Friday and a communion service on Easter Sunday.
On Good Friday we gathered around the cross, which had on it a crown of thorns, a purple cloth and a  bamboo stick, representing the events of the day. We reflected on the Biblical accounts of the crucifixion through a series of dramatic readings shared amongst the congregation. In addition we left any issues we had in our lives at the foot of the cross, on screwed up paper slips, representing the fact that we can leave our concerns with Jesus. Afterwards we enjoyed hot cross buns and conversation.

On Easter Sunday we thought about the women who discovered the empty tomb early that morning. We heard a dramatic reading illustrating the thoughts of those women on the day. The talk focused on possible mistakes made that first Easter and is reflected in the following poem. Holy Communion had a special Easter liturgy too.


                   Easter Mistakes?

   If high priests thought they could eradicate the Jesus ‘thing’.

                 Then they were mistaken.

   If they assumed leverage in money given to betrayer and guards.

                 Then they were mistaken.

   Thirty coins came back, but nothing from the soldiers.

   Were mistakes realised?

   Perhaps – but there was no stopping the Jesus thing!

   If disciples thought it was going to be the end, after all.

                    Then they were mistaken.

   If women sought to prepare a crucified body for burial.

                    Then they were mistaken.

   The huge stone was rolled away, God’s amazing plan revealed.

   Were mistakes realised?

   Surely – a task was grasped, a new faith was spread.

   If we think we know the Easter story very well.

                    Then we are mistaken.

   If the cross holds our attention and not the empty tomb.

                    Then we are mistaken

   A miracle, a risen Christ, much good news to tell.

   Are mistakes realised?

   Hopefully – all things are possible with God.

                                           Including resurrection!!

                                                                                                                                     A poem by Jill Nugent