I recently attended a partner church conference with Open Doors. We were privileged to hear from Pastor Edward who lives in Damascus and is well known to Open Doors. He described how people in Syria are feeling very frustrated after six years of troubles and seemingly no end in sight. They thought that if they prayed then God would do something but it seems to them that he has not done anything. However, they are seeking encouragement from the book of Habakkuk, who learnt to wait on God, silently, and to trust God for a favourable outcome.

Pastor Edward went on to talk about living in hope. He referred to Romans 8, where Paul says all things work together for good. God has a special love and care for his people, he knows us intimately. He has a purpose for us all. Pastor Edward tells his church to picture it like the wings of an eagle, on one wing is God’s sovereignty and on the other is God’s love. We need both! We were also introduced to a new resource for churches called Dangerous Faith. It is useful for either individual or group study and is based on the Book of Acts. It consists of eight sessions, with a video, Bible study and discussion questions.

If you would like to read about Open Doors, the latest magazine is always on the table in the vestibule in church alongside a monthly prayer diary.