During November a group met weekly to join in Bible study and to take part in banner making. We succeeded in making one more banner to hang in church on a theme of ‘New Every Morning’. Why banner making?

Well, apart from the enjoyment of seeing a banner at the front of church, there is much additional meaning in a banner. Banners are a means by which God can speak through our creativity. When creating a banner, time is spent prayerfully deciding on the words, shapes and colours so that they fit together to convey a message. The message is God’s message for all those who look at the banner, giving them the opportunity to reflect on His word through the colours and shapes of the surrounding images. The banner is also a result of the sharing of ideas within the group. It provides a way of sharing with others too the fullness of life which God brings to our church. By displaying it in church the images strengthen people in their faith by setting them thinking, widening their understanding and leading them on to new ideas. Words are wonderful in proclaiming the Good News, but words and images are even better.