Walking the Way

Walking the Way – Living the life of Jesus today – is a new initiative from the United Reformed Church. Through it we hope to explore what it means to actively follow, and learn from, Jesus. It’s for everyone at any stage of their Christian journey and seeks to help us all along the way.

Recall Jesus’ illustration of strong discipleship – the wise man and the foolish man! The wise man planned and built well, creating a building that would stand up to any unforeseen difficulties. Strong buildings need strong foundations. A foundation built on Jesus Christ combines a commitment to his teaching, and way of life, with an obedience to his demands on our lives. Only in that way can we really live and work according to the values of his kingdom.

One place to start is regular Bible reading. On Sundays our Bible readings follow the order of the Lectionary – a scheme that covers the whole of the Bible on a three-year cycle. This year the New Testament focus is on the Gospel of Mark. You might like to make a note of the readings each week and explore them further at home. It can be helpful to use a daily Bible reader – various readers are available, each with their own format and plan. You can also find a variety of plans for reading the Bible on the internet. During Lent we shall have a Bible study group meeting in church – you are very welcome to come along.  Whichever way you choose to help you learn from the Bible, make sure you do read it regularly!