For the whole of this year, Advent 2018 - Advent 2019, the Lectionary (the preaching programme that takes us through the Bible) has as its focus the Gospel of Luke. The Gospel of Luke is in many ways unique amongst the four Gospels. It is sometimes known as the Gospel of Amazement, because many people in the Gospel accounts were amazed at what Jesus did. In fact Luke uses five different Greek words to describe their amazement.

    Luke was a doctor and you’ll also find many references to medical ailments and miraculous healings. It’s possible Luke came from the slave community. He shows great concern for the marginalised people in society, including women and children. Perhaps most importantly, Luke was a Gentile, not a Jew. So he writes from the perspective of one who came to faith by another route.

    Luke includes various songs in his Gospel and obviously believed in the power of prayer. He writes about Jesus praying, often, and has a notably short Lord’s Prayer, often known as the Lukan Lord’s Prayer. Luke understood the spiritual life as a journey and his Gospel can be seen as merely the story of a journey for Jesus from Galilee to Jerusalem. But it was a fascinating journey!