Peace flows through the garden, its bright colours a spring palette of reds and yellows, purples and blues.

Glossy white tulips stand tall, while feathery yellows bow, showing off their striking black centres.

Birds, happily engrossed in the tasks of the day, sing and squabble, flitting between tree and hedge.

Cautiously they visit the feeders, perch on the bird bath or jump in for a quick splash.

In sunny spots butterflies hold out their new wings to dry and hoverflies hover in the middle of nowhere, maybe mulling over where to go next.

Spiders swing down on long strands of webbing and scatter back up when caught unawares.

In bare earth seedlings sprout slowly, uncurling their new leaves with a promise of food to come.

Buds on trees break forth, filling the sky with fresh greenery and shining back at the sun on high.

A path of flat stones leads to dry gravel patches, piles of logs – who knows what busyness teems there.

Hidden away out of sight, revealing perhaps one day an outpouring of life unseen for some time.

Like the life that sprang forth from an empty tomb, blessing a garden, its colours and sounds, causing joy to ensue.

God at work in the garden, creator of miracles, bringer of blessings, renewer of life in front of our eyes.