The church is made up of people who are committed to following Jesus Christ. It is the 'people

   of God'. Members of the church have made a public commitment to accept Jesus Christ as

their Lord and Saviour and to serve in his church.                   


Christian Faith is about living as best we can for God, living as

Jesus taught us to. Sometimes we do this better than at other

times! Christians believe that through the life, death and

resurrection of Jesus, when we get it wrong, sin or fail we are

forgiven. His death on the cross dealt with all our failures and so

we can look forward to receiving God’s promise of eternal life.

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We believe that God does not call us to have this faith alone, but

to have it in company with others. So it is that Christians come

together and become the church. As part of the church they help

each other in their faith and life. Day to day living is important to

God, as is our eternal destiny, so Christians help each other with

the ‘ordinary’ things of life as well as the ‘spiritual’ things of life. 

The United Reformed Church is led by church meeting which, with

guidance from the Elders,

makes all the decisions regarding the future of the church.

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If you are interested in becoming a member have a chat with an elder!