IMG 3108  Worshipping something means that 'something' is worthy.
  Most of us worship things and prioritise our time and energies in
  support of something that has our attention.
  God calls us to worship Him because He knows that worshipping Him is what
  we were created to do and the only thing that will ultimately fulfill us.


God wants us to worship Him, and give our time and energy to Him, because we love Him. We know we’re not perfect but we want God to be first in our lives.
This means doing everything we can to put Him first, in our lifestyles, conversation and work, showing that He is the focus of our worship. Our Sunday morning worship encourages us to seek more of God and lead us to worship Him in all that we do.








 Our Sunday worship

  Sunday Worship at Cheshunt Free Church follows the tradition of the United Reformed Church.
  We welcome everyone, from all backgrounds, including families and children.


  Our services start at 11.00am every Sunday and last for about an hour.DSCN0127 414x640


  Occasionally there are special services.


  Once a month usually on the 3rd Sunday there is a service of Holy Communion.


  You are most welcome to join us in worship on any Sunday.

   During our worship service there are Bible readings, prayers, hymns, songs, activities and

  a talk. People may take part, or watch and listen, as they wish. The worship leader gives

  direction if needed so that everyone can feel included and involved in their own way.

  Every Sunday an offering is taken to support the church in its work.


  There is also a children's corner available in the church, where children can occupy themselves quietly
  at the same time as being involved in the worship.